11 October 2014

The Cat and the Cock

One day a Cat caught a Rooster, determined to make a fine meal of the bird.  However, the Cat asked the Rooster what defense he might give for his actions of crowing each night. 

"I do this in service of Man," the Rooster replied, "so that He might know when it is time to work." 

"That is a poor excuse," the Cat cried.  "Your foolishness will not save you from becoming my breakfast!"  And the Cat ate the Rooster right up.

No defense will protect the innocent from an unjust judgment.


06 October 2014


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29 September 2014

Talking to Yourself

A man went to the doctor.  "Doctor, I keep talking to myself."
"Does it disturb your family?"
"No, I'm single."
"Then it disturbs you?"
"No, Doctor, it's just that I'm so . . . so . . . boring!"
-Russian Joke

13 September 2014

The Real Ghostly Dance

In a recent post, I told the Japanese folktale of the haunted temple.  As it turns out, the story is true . . . from a certain point of view.  There really was a monk who spent the night in the temple, who really heard sounds, and who really saw ghostly visions.

But they were not, of course, ghosts.

The world-famous painter and artist, Tosa Mitsunobu, heard the monk's story, and went to investigate.  As it was daylight, he saw the room clearly, and he noticed  that someone had drawn figures of ghosts and horrible demons.  Through cracks in the wall, a phosphorescent mildew had grown, lighting the figures with an unearthly glow.  Settling down amidst the rat droppings that covered the floor (thus indicating that the monk was hearing rats, not ghosts), the artist began to sketch these figures, becoming one of the most celebrated artists in Japanese history.